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Enterprise Solutions

Efficient and secure

There is no need to suffer business interruption, or rewriting code, due to OS upgrades. If your app works happily in Windows 7 or even DOS, let it live there. Droplet lets the app behave as if it’s in the environment of choice, and delivers it to the device of choice, seamlessly and quickly.

Note: No need for cumbersome VMs or middleware. Run your apps remotely or locally, as if they live in native space.

Apps running in a Droplet container are invisible to the host operating system so no longer present an attack surface. Your data can be secured in the container using enterprise-grade encryption and admins can set policy on where data is synchronised to when online – whether using a cloud-based storage platform, or a corporate file server.

To see how Droplet Computing containers can help transform the way you deliver applications today, contact us for a free trial, or demonstration and redefine your application delivery.

Public Sector Solutions

Rationalise and reduce cost

Droplet containers enable those delivering IT in Central Government to take their existing applications and place them into an environment that is segregated from the underlying device OS. This means that the OS will no longer affect the running of the application – no more expensive extended support for Windows XP and Windows 7 applications, or security worries.

Droplet containers deliver those applications across multiple platforms, meaning you can choose the device appropriate to the end-users’ role. The result – a clear savings agenda for both hardware and software.

Healthcare Solutions

IT support for a growing challenge

The NHS has been asked to provide a more business-to-consumer approach to the patients they care for, within a constrained budget.

Droplet containers can

  • Challenge the expensive desktop deployment solutions currently deployed by health trusts
  • Enable health trusts to develop an application platform configured to end-user need
  • Breathe new life into “fat client” software by delivering via Droplet containers
  • Remove applications from the underlying OS, enabling clinical hardware that is reliant on an older OS, to continue functioning.
  • Enable staff to access patient-critical applications on any device, even offline – saving on hardware and enabling staff to work offsite and with patients in the home.

Education Solutions

Complex issues surround this sector, from what technology to use, to distance learning. And budgets are tight.

Droplet’s flexible approach allows for the same container to be delivered to multiple platforms, including cloud and local devices. Lightweight (and cheap) devices like Chromebooks can run Windows applications, saving cost and enabling more students.

Droplet requires very little in the form of infrastructure, so IT management can be simplified, and redundancies can easily be eliminated.

Droplet does legacy

Droplet containers are built for business. Run any application without modification. Any OS. Anywhere.

We have simplified the process of containerisation, so that legacy apps run as expected - if not faster.

Benefit from OS upgrades without impacting app functionality.

Droplet is secure

Containers isolate critical resources, maintaining stability and security.

Droplet NeverTrust™ adds another layer of protection.

Achieve full compliance and reduce risk scores with self-contained Droplet server container to run legacy systems, securely.

Droplet deploys at speed

No need to spin up a VM just for one app - Droplet containers start up in seconds.

Create multiple test scenarios with a single code source.

Droplet containers run on various device platforms without modification.

Droplet is flexible

Run apps on virtualised private/public cloud, or bare metal.

Develop apps for cloud and device with universal accessibility.

Droplet containers complement VDI systems.

Droplet containers are portable.

Droplet Computing is a software-based container solution that works by taking your apps and installing them, unchanged, inside a secure, and isolated containerised environment. In turn, this containerised environment is portable and can be delivered to your device regardless of OS, executing locally and offline. Alternatively it can be delivered using Windows app publishing solutions for multi-user deployments.

Droplet Computing sells exclusively via an authorised partner network. Click on a partner of choice to link to their website via our scrolling banner on the home page, or contact us and we will happily put you in contact with a partner.

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