Droplet Computing was founded based on real-life customer feedback, where customers were looking at wanting to deploy any application on any device.

Droplet Computing Container App for MacOS

Delivering Windows applications to macOS, both online & offline

With the Droplet Computing Container App for macOS, an organization can easily take their existing Windows apps, install them into the container (no complicated packaging required), and deliver them to the end user securely. Why is this important to an organization? It may simply be that the app doesn’t have a native macOS version, and if it does then it doesn’t have the full features and functionality that the Windows version has. For example, you can run Microsoft Visio 2016 (O365 edition) locally on the Mac without needing to be online, yet have the Windows end user experience.

When delivering BYOD and work from home initiatives you no longer need to worry that the end user has a Mac as their preferred device. Simply deploy a standard container image to each and every user, complete with their apps.

Centralized cloud delivery, local execution:
Enhanced end user experience:
Simple application installation:
Run non-native applications:
Application portability:

Droplet does legacy

Droplet containers are built for business. Run any application without modification. Any OS. Anywhere.

We have simplified the process of containerisation, so that legacy apps run as expected - if not faster.

Benefit from OS upgrades without impacting app functionality.

Droplet is secure

Containers isolate critical resources, maintaining stability and security.

Droplet NeverTrust™ adds another layer of protection.

Achieve full compliance and reduce risk scores with self-contained Droplet server container to run legacy systems, securely.

Droplet deploys at speed

No need to spin up a VM just for one app - Droplet containers start up in seconds.

Create multiple test scenarios with a single code source.

Droplet containers run on various device platforms without modification.

Droplet is flexible

Run apps on virtualised private/public cloud, or bare metal.

Develop apps for cloud and device with universal accessibility.

Droplet containers complement VDI systems.

Droplet containers are portable.

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